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Leather Re-Finishing & Re-Upholstery in Leather by Lynplan (Lynplan)

Leather Re-Finishing & Re-Colouring:

If your furniture is in generally good condition but the surface is just tired and worn, you can have it restored. Your suite is brought into their works where they undertake the restoration. This is a process of deep cleaning and preparing the surface then applying 3 coats on new surface colour. The finish used is very similar to that used on brand new leather at the tannery – so giving a similar look and feel, and a good lifespan.

Small holes in the leather can also be repaired, and even complete panels replaced with similar grained leather which is then coloured to match the rest of your furniture. Cushion interiors in Foam, Feather or Fibre can also be replaced. This is an economical way of making your furniture look fresh and new again at reasonable cost.

For more, and to view videos: click here

Re-Upholstery in Leather:

Leather furniture needs special attention for reupholstery. There are a wide variety of Leathers available and Lynplan carry a range to suit most tastes.

They only use high quality Leather, which is hand cut and sewn with extra strength matching coloured threads. The finish will be as good, and last as long as when you first brought the furniture into your home. Being full re-upholstery of your sofa or chair all the work on the frame, fillings and cushions will be to the same high standard as their upholstery service in conventional fabrics.

With the high cost of Leather and the extended time required to cut and upholster in Leather, naturally prices are somewhat higher than for conventional fabrics. They will be happy to give you a quotation.

Special Lynplan Care:

Leather is a ‘living’ material so every hide is different – it will show different textures and shading. For this reason when you have your furniture re-upholstered by Lynplan they will bring the actual hides to be used on your furniture with them when they collect your sofa or chair for your approval before they start work.

Leather Panel Replacement:

If a panel in your leather furniture has become damaged and the assembly (a cushion cover etc) can be sent to Lynplan then the damaged panel can usually be replaced. Using the same process as for the Leather Re-Finishing service, the original panel is removed and a similar grain leather selected from their stock. A special dye is then mixed to match the original leather, and the new leather is coloured to match the old. The panel is then cut from the new leather, the appropriate thread selected to match that on the furniture and the right sewing machine selected for the appropriate stitch. The new panel is then sewn in.

Converting to or from Leather:

Lynplan say they are often asked to cover furniture which is presently upholstered in conventional fabric, in leather: It is possible in most cases, but you must bear in mind that cushions are likely to feel firmer, and that the leather may crease (and could crack) on soft furniture.

Likewise when converting from leather to fabric, leather furniture is often made from small panels to make the leather use more efficient. Although attractive in leather this can look odd in fabric - so fabrics with patterns should be avoided, or agree with your re-upholsterer where panels can be combined into one piece of fabric. Lynplan will be happy to advise on the suitability of converting your furniture should you be considering it. The Leather Reupholstery and Leather Restoration services are available in their van collection area.

Call 0208 681 1831 or e-mail their sales office for more information if you are interested in any of these services.

For further information: Leather Re-Finishing & Re-Upholstery in Leather

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